Effigy creations are inventive, sophisticated, aesthetic and exquisite (pastries, macarrons, hot chocolate at the old…). They will delight the most delicate palates and fine. They were invented for the pleasure of the eyes and the taste buds.

The shop, located close to the famous Grand’Place of Lille, regularly launches collections of desserts, as would a great designer. One of the specialty of this pastry is the macaroon “customizable” wish for all occasions. You can also find cakes and other pastries with refined and subtle tastes, such as lightning to tea, to orange, to speculoos, vanilla, or chocolate/peanut or strawberries/caramel salted, tarts or cakes, such as the Caramélia (mousse vanilla from Madagascar, heart of caramel, crunchy caramel fleur de sel), or else the enchanter (caramel Milk Chocolate Mousse the heart of cream burned to the pods of vanilla, biscuit chocolate madeleine). Don’t forget to taste their famous ancient with its delicious chocolate and melting marshmallows).

Feel free to cross the door of this excellent address in Lille, where you will be visiting by the friendly Audrey and Yannick.


2 street of seven – Agaches
59000 Lille


09 82 60 82 78


Monday to Friday from 11: 00 to 19: 00
Saturday and Sunday from 10 H to 19 H