Grand Place de Lille

Grand'Place-place of the goddess-place of the general-de-Gaulle

Grand'Place of LilleIn the centre of this square, the main city of Lille, was erected a column in 1845, which commemorates the siege of Lille by the Austrians in 1792. At the top of this column, we discover a statue of a goddess, who gave her name to this place. From the place of General de Gaulle (the third name given to this place), one can access the other parts of the city, like the Vieux-Lille (its cobblestones, its typical streets, its shops, its galleries, its museums), the Rue De Béthune (main pedestrian street and Merchant of the Capital of Flanders), the National Street (with among other things its shop "the Spring"), the place Rihour (with the tourist office of Lille). Directly on this Grand'Place, we have access to the old bourse of Lille, to the opera and its Place.

Event 2010:

Hiking in the city, the goddess, Sunday 26 September 2010 in Lille

Grand'Place of LilleGrand'Place of LilleGrand'Place of Lille