Mille et un soins


Located in Old Lille (Vieux-Lille), “Mille et un soins” is a center of wellness with an oriental atmosphere providing cares such as Berber massages with Argan oil, sugar scrubs with black soap, or the Rasul. you can also find in “Mille et un soins” creations of Valerie Barkowski for MiaZia, or buy care cosmetic line Louhann, scents and atmosphere of the line of Saba Sultana.

Mille et un soins à Lille

3 rue Ropra (Place des Archives) – Vieux-Lille
Phone.: 03 20 40 15 29

Monday to Thursday: 10h – 20h
Friday:                     11h-21h30
Saturday:                 10h-19h
Sunday:                   10h-14h
(the first Sunday of each month).


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