Théatre Sébastopol in Lille

A wide choice of shows, plays and operettas, throughout the year, and in the heart of Lille.
Long intended to receive a linen Hall, the Sebastopol square in 1903 is a big empty space where parking problems do not exist.
In 1880, the Lille municipality plans to build Sevastopol one place market linen: the painter Bouldoduc was led to believe by the realism of his painting this flax Hall existed well. In fact, only the foundations were made.
On the night of 5 to 6 April 1903, the Grand Theatre Lille burns. The next day, the municipality decided to quickly rebuild a provisional theatre. She chooses the project of the architect Léonce Hainiez and the Debosque of Armentières company which will build the theater. Its construction began on 19 August and lasted 103 days. It was opened on 30 November 1903 by Gustave Delory, Mayor of Lille.
In 1903, it is a 2000-seat hall that the viewer discovers at the inauguration (her name yet Sevastopol). He may admire, illuminated by four chandeliers, a painted ceiling patterns in the fashion of that time (missing since). The orchestra pit is almost at the same level as that of the room and visible to the Viewer.
For better comfort, the Sebastopol contains more, in 1998, only 1350 seats. The conviviality between the artist and the public during variety shows is improved by the proscenium. On 15 December 1998, the Sevastopol Theatre opens its doors after two years of work for security compliance. Very good visibility and perfect acoustics contribute to its continued success.


Sevastopol place
59000 LILLE


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