Au Merveilleux


At the wonderful Fred (Au Merveilleux), Lille, Paris, Belgium

The wonderful Fred in Lille is without doubt the best “Merveilleux”in the world, if you don’t believe us, just come a snack in one of the shops of this pastry.

You will have the choice between several flavors:
-The classic chocolate and its exquisite whipped chocolate cream
-The incredible, the sweet scent of speculos
– And the latest creation: the unthinkable to the flavours of coffee

Breads, cakes and other pastries cooked by these artisans are also excellent and you put water in the mouth.
In old Lille, rue Gambetta or in the shop MoE from the Grand’ Place of Lille, you can observe pastry chefs design its wonders in front of you, and see step after step, the birth of this jewel of pastry. First the superposition of two beautiful meringues held by cream creamy, then whipped cream that comes coat everything and finally, chips of chocolate, speculos or coffee meringue come cover these delights. To convince you of the essential side of these addresses in Lille, just go to a shop to see lovers queuing up to have their wonderful.

Au Merveilleux Gambetta
336, St Léon – Gambetta, 59000 Lille
Tel: 03 20 57 25 58Aux wonderful to Fred

Coffee Méo
5/7, grand Place
Phone : 06 73 88 60 10
(This store accepts payment by cheque and cash only)

Au Merveilleux Fred PARIS
129 bis, street Saint-Charles 75015 Paris
Tel: 01 45 79 72 47

Au Merveilleux & chocolate Benoit
97, Dumortierlaan Street
The Zoute Knokke – Belgium


67 rue de la monnaie
59800 Lille



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