El market

El Market (ex ALTERMUNDI), fair trade in Lille
Take into account the reality of the market in order to promote social cohesion at the local level, remunerate the work on an international scale equitably, and assume our environmental responsibility, thanks to a solidarity-based economic model.
Every individual is an actor of our daily life, and decision maker of tomorrow. This is the vision of sustainable development for El Market (ex ALTERMUNDI).
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SELECTION of Products
At El Market (ex ALTERMUNDI) The selection of products is not done lightly!
They are particularly attentive to the following points when they are selected:
-Fair remuneration of producers
-Local economic Impact
-Setting up social insurance
-Social projects supported in developing countries
-Materials used
-Modes of transport
-Membership in fair trade organizations.
128, rue Leon Gambetta
59000 LILLE

09 67 01 30 72


Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 7pm

Sunday from 10am to 2pm