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Tea room and restaurant in old Lille

This restaurant-tearoom is installed in a former shop of antiques of old Lille, a beautiful and original place. The furniture is refined and all different, you have the choice to sit on chairs or armchairs, face the cobbled street of old Lille. Beautiful old frames adorn the old walls of the old antique shop, if you are looking for a magical and original, this tea room is for you.

You can enjoy in this place: pies, quiches, lasagna, cheesecake to the speculoos, teas-flavored brand Mariage Frères, warm Viennese cafes chocolates chocolates,…


13 Masurel Street
59000 Lille


03 28 36 05 92


Open from 12: 00 to 6:30 pm Tuesday to Saturday
Open on Sunday from October to April
Closed on Monday