Kokoa Lille


Ice-cream-maker, coffee, tea, on the spot or to take away to Lille

KOKOA is an ice-cream-maker located in full Center of Lille (near the Grand’Place) since 2001, offering ice cream to perfume delicate and surprising. You can choose from over 100 flavors of ice cream and sorbets. A room to the floor and an adjacent terrace you have, in summer as in winter, to enjoy not only ice cream, but also delicious hot chocolate, homemade (black, white or milk chocolate), scented teas, waffles and other delicacies. Want to sale? Discover the Krocks: their original round form is specific to KOKOA and allows you to enjoy all the flavors of the bread carefully selected by KOKOA.

A few examples:

› Jean, the classic:
Gruyere, smoked ham
Bixente, South West:
Smoked duck, chestnuts, tomatoes, reblochon, onions, salad
Ulrik, Norwegian:
Smoked salmon dill, cumin, white cheese and cheddar

KOKOA the Touquet
24, street Saint-Jean – 62520 Le Touquet
Tel: 03 21 06 30 32

Sorbets, perfumes:
Melon, banana, fig, lime, fishing, papaya, apricot, citrus (blood orange, lemon, lime,…), gooseberry, rhubarb, Passion, Fruits red (Strawberry, BlackBerry, Blueberry, blackcurrant), Tangerine, grapefruit, strawberry, raspberry, guava, sweet fruit (PEAR, apricot, Plum, gooseberry), Apple, Kiwi, Kalamansi (lemon exotic), mango, Cocopabana (coconut milk, passion, banana), exotic Fruits (passion, mango and kalamansi), passion Fruit, coconut milk, Plum, pineapple , Lychee, blood Orange, lemon, blue (Curaçao)

Ice, perfumes:
PEAR, rum raisins, honey, honey Gables, Caramel, Meringue (meringue Base, biscuit chocolate), vanilla, white chocolate and candied cherries, Kinder (white sauce chocolate milk chocolate), Marrons Glaces, coffee, Rose, violet, licorice, poppy, Amande, Cola, anise, tea with jasmine, rice pudding, Frangipane, peanut, chicory, Toblerone, Leo, Snickers, cream fresh almonds, orange whiskey, ginger, almond, Orange Grand Marnier bread, beggar (Orange (, dried fruits, oranges candied), plumber (Cointreau and candied fruits), Kokoa (vanilla and dark chocolate chips), cream (Panacotta, caramel sauce), hot chocolate, soup English (wine marsala and Genoese red fruit), cinnamon, jam of milk (blast to the Milk Caramel), Speculos, gingerbread, Tiramisu, rock, Rose S’mores, nuts, Nougat, pistachio.


5, street of the seven – Agaches

59000 Lille


03 28 36 98 08