Guillaume Vincent


Guillaume Vincent, artisan chocolatier

Guillaume Vincent is an artisan chocolatier in Lille. He designed chocolates original and refined. It is developing them from the best crus of cocoa, subtle, original flavors and intense aromas.

Each chocolate created by Guillaume Vincent, has a colorful, made with cocoa butter.

Such a goldsmith, Guillaume Vincent, creates collections to the spicy, floral, fruity, caramel notes, short-lived presented in boxes for the tasting. The collections of this chocolatier in Lille, to the new flavors, are renewed every season, but there are also permanently in his shop, collections that you can discover all year.

All the chocolates of Guillaume Vincent are made of pure cocoa butter, without any addition of fat. The originality of his chocolates is the mixture of original flavors such as ganaches with basil, or from the pralines to Marjoram. His chocolates are also nice in the mouth, to watch, they are decorated with a serigraphy to cocoa butter and present in a white casket.

You can also discover in his shop, to the birth of old Lille, truffles to the griot powdered red fruit or lemon yellow powdered at the yaourtmais as original with almonds and candied lemons, green and yellow and cactus macaroons or even the macaroon almond and cream scented with beard papa or olive oil.

Guillaume Vincent offers also for sale in his workshop, the marrons glacés, and tablets of chocolate to the original taste, as those with squares of chocolate Crackle in the mouth like candy that is sipped in our childhood.

  • 70 kinds of decorated chocolates
  • Mini chocolate bars (11 kinds)
  • Chocolate to bubbly sugar
  • Thin sheets of chocolate silkscreened
  • Macaroons
  • Truffles with new flavors
  • Glazed chestnuts
  • Chocolate covered almonds
  • Fruit blocks
  • Calissons
  • Roasted ginger cocoa beans
  • Chocolate liver fat and gingerbread
  • Christmas decorated chocolate ball


the priest Saint Etienne 12 Street
59000 Lille


Phone : 03 20 42 98 43 / fax: 03 20 42 98 43