Museum of Natural History and geology of Lille

Museum of Natural History and geology of Lille
Museum of Natural History and geology of Lille
The Museum of Natural History, geology of ethnography of Lille has existed for nearly 200 years (created in 1816 by the Society of Sciences, agriculture and Arts of Lille) and is today the only large museum of its category throughout the region north/ Pas-de-Calais.
We are amazed at the entrance into this museum by the skeletons of sperm whale, whales and other marine creatures suspended above the visitor, while on the ground we plunge into the life of the terrestrial animals that once populate or inhabited our forests, Swamps and countryside.
At the time of the creation of the faculty of Sciences of Lille, he was transferred to the city of Lille in 1855 for teaching. In 1902, took place in the gallery, all the collections collected by Gosselet and in 197, it was those of Barrois who settled there. It is only from 1911 that the museum gets the physiognomy that we know today. The museum was successively moved from the Rue des Fleurs, to the Rue de Bruxelles during this period.
We will find, while browsing the other rooms of this unique museum of multicoloured mammals and exotic birds, but also insects, snakes and other fish.
You will not be left out if you are interested in paleontology, the history of life, of the earth and of the first men is told to you in a masterful way.
The themes presented throughout this trip are:
Zoology (110 000 samples).
Geology (200 000 samples).
The commercial and colonial industry (100 000 samples).
Ethnography (15 000 samples).
Motorway access: Exit Lille Centre
GPS coordinates: 50,627 lat N.; 3,066 long E.
Metro access: Stations République or Mairie de Lille
19 rue de Bruxelles
59000 LILLE

03 28 55 30 80 Fax 03 20 86 14 82


Monday to Friday: 9am to 12pm and 2pm to 5pm

Sunday: 10am-5pm
Closed on Tuesdays and Saturdays.
Full Price: €2.70
Reduced Rate: €1.70
Free for le-de 12ans and the 1st Sun. of the Month




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